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Valuable lessons from Maltese counterparts

My wife and I have just returned from holidaying in Malta where we celebrated our Golden wedding anniversary. During our stay it became so obvious that everywhere we went it was bustling with tourists. Scores of people waiting at each bus stop we passed, town centres crowded with people, hotels very busy, restaurants serving excellent food at a cost considerably lower than Cyprus prices. Everywhere we went we were greeted by the smiling friendly and polite Maltese people, be they shop assistants or restaurant staff.

I estimated that some 80- 90 per cent of the tourists appeared to be British senior citizens.

I have lived in Cyprus now for the past 12 years and well remember when the situation was much the same here but alas not anymore.

Surely the Cyprus Tourism Organisation can learn some valuable lessons from their Maltese counterparts?

John Stroud, Pyla


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