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Four neglected dogs rescued by vet services

By Maria Gregoriou 

FOUR mixed breed dogs caged up and neglected in Ypsonas in the Limssol district have been rescued by the veterinary services after a complaint by a member of the public.

Robert Cracknell, an 80-year-old psychic detective from Britain, who has lived in Cyprus for 23 years, heard the dogs barking while walking his own two dogs in the village, he said.

Cracknell, who has managed to help over 100 dogs while living in Cyprus, said: “I have seen many cases of animal cruelty over the years and I do not see why animals have to suffer. If you look into the eyes of a dog all you see is love.”

He said when he went to investigate the incident, he saw four dogs
in a wire cage standing in their own faeces and covered in flies.

“It was clear that they had not properly been fed or given water,” he said.

Cracknell contacted the veterinary services on Thursday and demanded someone visit the area.

“When the services did come I took them down to the place,” he said, adding that officials left a number on the cage asking the owner of the dogs to call them within 24 hours or he would have to deal with police.

The dogs were immediately removed and taken to the Polemidia dog shelter.

Yesterday authorities located the dog owner and, according to Cracknell, he will be taken to court for animal cruelty.

Cracknell said many expats and Cypriots alike are passionate about animals and how they are treated.

“This isolated incident is a very small victory for all animal lovers who cannot understand why hunters would shoot a small chirping bird, or hit and abandon dogs,” he said. “There is a very important message here, that one man can make a difference if he insists that things are done.”

Animal welfare organisations and animal lovers have been asking the government for a police force and an animal control service to be created for a number of years but they have yet to be created.

According to the president of the Cyprus Voice for Animals, Mary Anastasi, an animal control service could implement a neutering programme and the numbers of stray animals would fall.

Anastasi said the economic crisis was making it difficult for animal lovers to take in stray or abandoned animals, so the government should accept its responsibilities in this area.

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