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The Cyprus Mail is celebrating its 68th birthday

WHEN the Cyprus Mail was launched on November 2, 1945, it covered a radically different world. 

World War II had just ended. The British Empire, still spanning a quarter of the globe, had yet to begin its rapid disintegration. India was two years away from independence and subsequent partition. Britain’s humiliation of Suez was 11 years away.

On the home front, Cyprus was a colonial backwater. Its largely rural society was served by poor roads and few homes had electricity. The Greek Cypriots hoped for self-determination but the EOKA struggle was a decade away.

By virtue of its age alone, the island’s oldest newspaper has covered a dizzying array of international events, its archives a compelling record of modern history.

Internationally, our front pages have headlined wars Cold, Korean, Vietnamese and Arab-Israeli. We have covered the Cuban missile crisis, the death of President Kennedy, man’s first walk on the Moon, the fall of communism, the Gulf War and the end of apartheid in South Africa.

Nationally, we have covered all stories big and small, from the EOKA uprising to the Turkish invasion to the endless rounds of Cyprus talks, most recently the banking crisis.

We plan to still be around to see Cyprus exit its darkest period since 1974, with the continued support of our print and online readers of course.


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