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The excuse that bird killing is tradition is farcical

On November 7 you reported on the disgusting slaughter of European migrant birds. The pretext that it is a tradition cuts as much ice as Japanese whaling ‘for scientific research’ yet before the presidential election Nicos Anastasiades supported these cruel ‘hunters’.

I love Cyprus and have contributed a great deal to it. However, I am sick of the hypocrisy which exists, whether it is the tax dodgers (including ex-patriots), lawmakers evading prosecution or Morphou and Varosha people complaining about non-access to their properties, conveniently forgetting that it was they who voted for this situation when they rejected the Annan Plan.

Cyprus needs to discard the present self-serving greed and denials and rediscover its traditional traits of honesty and hard work if it is to recover its place amongst decent societies.

Name and address withheld.

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