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A minute with Vasylia Vasiliou Alternative Educator, Performer, Artist,Model

Where do you live?

In the beautiful village of Kalavasos

Best childhood memory?
Cutting jasmine and talking about music and old stories with my grandpa, while both drinking zivania secretly from my parents (at age of six).

Most frequented restaurant and absolute favorite dish?
My favorite restaurant is Gilgamesh in London and I would definitely try every vegetarian Pan-Asian dish they serve! Oh, well, I have to compromise now, but there are plenty good restaurants to go in Cyprus. I most frequently go to Molly Mallone’s, Art Café and Plateia Iroon in Limassol or Stou Kyr Yianni Tavern in Omodos. One of my best was Vintage in Limassol, but it’s closed now. I guess I like good food!

What did you have for breakfast?
Coffee but I grabbed a banana on my way out.

Would you class yourself as a day or night person? What’s your idea of the perfect night/day out?
I have to be a bit of both, but I’m definitely not a morning person. A perfect day would be a day off! Wake up late, listen to or playing the music, a lonely walk on the beach and catching up later with good friends.

Best book ever read?
Arkas’ comic books. Unique, simple, funny and always seasonable.

Favourite film of all time?
I have a weird taste in films and a large box full of my favorite ones. I’m currently watching the Game of Thrones film series: I’m amazed by the story, the characters, the costumes and the graphics. My favourite character is the Imp.

Best holiday ever taken? What’s your dream trip?
My favorite holiday ever taken was in Chrysi Island (Gaidouronisi) in Crete. My dream trip would be Jamaica, Cuba and India – any of these or all of them would be ok!

What music are you listening to in the car at the moment?
I’ve got 2 CDs always in the car: a mixture of good reggae in one and a mixture of hard/alternative rock in the other; deepens on the mood.

What is always in your fridge?
Milk, beers and chilli

Dream house: rural retreat or urban dwelling? Where would it be, what would it be like?
A house near the beach, with a big garden and my dogs running around.

If you could pick anyone at all (alive or dead) to go out for the evening with, who would it be?
My grandpa who passed away, to continue our sessions.

If the world is ending in 24 hours what would you do?
Nothing if I cannot avoid it. What’s the panic for? Probably after I talked to my beloved ones and said I love you, I would go to seat near the beach, drinking a neat drink, waiting to see what is gonna happen.

What is your greatest fear?
To lose my beloved ones.

Tell me a joke…
I hate jokes. Hahah!

Women: Photography Exhibition
November 24 to December 8. Verochino Cafenio, Oroklini will present the first solo exhibition of work by the photographic artist Vasylia Vasiliou. The project’s aim is to present images of different women in different ages, mostly from Cyprus, Czech Republic, Iraq and Tunisia, giving out the artist’s portrayal of women in the modern world; accompanied by music of Achilleas Persides, under complementary participation. Opening: Sunday, November 24, at 19:30 with live theatre performance entitled: “Same old, mate: a monologue of a prostitute” in Greek language, by the same artist; a theatrical experimentation “in-yer- face”, within aspects of exhibition’s theme and linked to “poor theatre’s” philosophy.

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