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Why are we in ‘The state we are in’ book launch

AN open discussion, aiming at launching the book “The state we are in”, written by David Officer and Yiouli Taki, will take place in Hilton Park on December 7.

According to the press release, the two authors aim at raising important issues about the role the state plays in shaping people’s daily lives.

Among the many questions answered by the authors is why is so difficult for the state to collect taxes? Why do Cypriots trust their families and not those they don’t know? Why do people think one needs connections to get a job in the public sector? Why does Cyprus have a larger underground economy than Greece, and why people see the institutions as corrupt?

“It explores the relationship between the three in the context of Cyprus and identifies Cypriot society as one that first and foremost results in what can be called a collective action problem, hampering reform, an outcome of poor levels of trust, of corruption and of a poor quality of government,” the press release said.

The two authors propose that rather than discussing these phenomena as isolated events, it would be better to search for ways of understanding how there are links which bind them together.

“They place the state at the centre of their analysis and explore ways in which the state works in such a way as to undermine trust, promote corruption and breaches the principle of impartiality in the treatment of its citizens,” the press release said.

To launch this publication an open discussion has been organised by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the NGO INDEX Research and Dialogue to take place at the Hilton Park on December 7 between 3.30pm and 7pm.

The discussion will be English and Greek, with simultaneous translation.


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