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EMSc expands energy-saving footprint from UK to Asia

Kyriacos Michael, Business Development Manager of EMSc

By Staff Reporter

A CYPRUS-based company is at the forefront of the international energy-saving business, having successfully designed and installed more than 6,000 systems in 16 countries, including the U.K. where it has a significant presence.

In an interview with the Cyprus Mail, Kyriacos Michael, Business Development Manager of EMSc Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East said the company was founded in Sheffield, U.K., 13 years ago by Dr Alecos Mardapittas. It operates internationally with the aim of helping clients save substantial energy, money and protect the environment.

Based on a patented technology, EMSc designs and manufactures the Star range of electricity saving systems such as the Powerstar, HotelStar, Lighstar, AirStar, MotorStar, etc. Powerstar has shown to be the most effective due to its design and manufacturing materials. Each system is manufactured in the UK, specifically to the needs of the client’s building or installation.

Michael said that the company’s success is attributed to many years of experience, the on-going research and development and the quality of the products that are created based on strict standards and specifications. Around the world today, voltage optimisation technology is considered to be the most effective and reliable method for energy saving. Through this technology, an organisation can benefit both technically and financially.

The company’s range of products is mostly based on voltage optimisation – transformer based technology. “We improve the voltage to the desired level that is recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment whilst at the same time improving the harmonics and other disturbances. Through this, our patented technology achieves electricity savings.”

The standard reduction in kWh varies from 8% to 12% depending on a site’s equipment and voltage levels. There were also some cases where due to very high voltage, electricity quality issues and high energy consumption equipment, savings reached 17%.

Michael said that since this technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions it can also be considered as part of a company’s environmental strategy. Based on the European Emissions Standard for Cyprus, every deduction of 1000 kWh is equal to a decrease of 1.019 tons of carbon dioxide.

He explained that active systems or energy saving technologies are subsidised by the energy savings fund for up to 30% of the cost.

“As a company with the current circumstances in mind, we of course offer flexible payment methods. The standard payoff period for the installation is between 1 to 2.5 years with an internal investment performance (IRR) of 30% to 80%.”

“Initially we faced some disbelief as this was new technology for Cyprus. However, after the first installations and results, trust and confidence was established,” he said.

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