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Police believe they have busted crime gang

POLICE in Limassol have arrested four members of a crime gang believed to be operating around Europe, who have allegedly committed various burglaries, getting away with more than €1 million worth of stolen goods.

According to Limassol CID chief Ioannis Soteriades, police stopped a car with two Bulgarian men aged 42 and 38, one of whom is wanted for various burglaries and robberies which took place last July. Inside the car, police said they found a woman’s gold bracelet and two men’s watches.

Both men allegedly resisted arrest and were taken for questioning. They named a Bulgarian woman, 42, and a Greek Cypriot, 47, as their accomplices, who were later arrested, while a fifth person, also from Bulgaria is wanted by police.

There is currently a pending court case against the 42-year-old and she was arrested in a separate case in July for attempting to send jewellery and other valuables worth around €110,000 abroad. The valuables were part of jewellery and other items stolen from a foreign businessman’s home estimated to be worth €210,000, police said.

Soteriades said that Interpol had informed the police that those arrested were members of a crime gang believed to be operating in various countries around Europe and that they were implicated in at least two burglaries and suspected of committing 14 other similar burglaries.

After searching the 42-year-old’s home, various jewellery, valuables, mobile phones and computers were confiscated and are believed to have been burgled from homes in Limassol estimated at being more than €1 million.

The three Bulgarian’s were remanded for eight days while the Greek Cypriot man was remanded for three days after a search of his home found nothing suspicious according to the police.

Soteriades said that police will call people who have had their homes burgled in the last six months to come and identify their stolen goods.

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