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‘Difficult to escape’ debts owed to state

Suspending legal action against those who owe the state money would be difficult, said DIKO MP Angelos Votsis yesterday.

Votsis, who was chairing the house finance committee, said to the press that the committee was trying to find ways to assist those who are facing incarceration.

“We had a thorough discussion with all responsible agencies and we asked for specific data. We will continue this discussion,” Votsis promised.

Asked on whether it was possible to suspend legal action against people who owe money to agencies like the inland revenue department, Votsis said it would not be easy.

“The troika is trying to make things worse, by insisting we persecute those who owe money to the inland revenue department, which we never had to do before. Putting people behind bars won’t help us collect money. We will continue discussing this and we will find a balance,” he said.

Green’s MP Giorgos Perdikis scolded the government agencies, saying that they show “an indescribable effectiveness in catching those who don’t owe a lot of money, while in the same time leaving those who owe huge amounts to escape”.

Perdikis added that around 400 cases of tax evasion have been resolved, without anyone releasing the amounts settled. “It generates suspicion on what they did to receive special treatment, while others are dragged to jail,” Perdikis said

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