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Vote on official limos postponed before plenum

THE amendment to restrict the number of luxury cars for state officials did not go for a vote to the plenum yesterday as planned. Party leaders decided in the morning to postpone the vote for January 16.

AKEL MP Adamos Adamou, who is acting House President, said that that the amendment needed further discussion so it should be postponed for the House first session after the Christmas holidays.

EDEK MPs and Greens MP Giorgos Perdikis expressed their disagreement with postponing the vote.

According to the proposed amendment, the state officials who will be entitled to a luxury car are: the President of the Republic and the House President, the attorney-general and the deputy attorney-general, the chief negotiator for the Cyprus problem, ministers, ministry undersecretaries – if they are appointed – the auditor-general, accountant-general, ministry permanent secretaries, supreme court judges, the House permanent secretary and all former Republic and House presidents.

Asked why the House cannot revoke the privilege for all state officials except the President of the Republic and the President of the House, DIKO MP Angelos Votsis said that according to the legal services “it’s an acquired right and can’t be taken away”.

Votsis explained that the right of a luxury car was revoked for mayors and the director generals of semi-government organisations.

The amendment also limits the cars’ engine size to 2,000cc, in an attempt to lower the cost.

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