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Paphos mayor to mediate between warring developers

Paphos Mayor Savvas Vergas

PAPHOS Mayor Savvas Vergas will try to mediate in the New Year between two developers who are currently at loggerheads over a proposed deal to build a new marina in the district.

“2014 will be a very difficult year for Paphos and any works that could help out during the financial crisis need to be promoted, which is why I have decided to take this initiative,” he said.

Vergas will call the two unnamed developers to the table to discuss a way of finding a compromise so that construction can begin on the new marina as soon as possible.

“If they do not wish to come together and discuss finding a solution to the problem to help Paphos out during these difficulties or to make sacrifices for the greater good then I will be forced to name and shame them,” he said.

The mayor said he felt it was unthinkable that during the financial hat such works were being put on the back burner, while developers were at each other’s throats.

“I would like to call on the businessmen who have shown an interest in building the marina, who took part in the tender, to put aside any personal gain or the gain of their companies and place the public’s and Paphos’ best interests first,” he said.

Vergas told the Mail that the case was pending at the Supreme Court after the developer who did not win the tender decided to take up legal proceedings against the developer who won. The winning developer allegedly used inside sources to offer a lower figure for the construction of the marina, and was therefore awarded the tender.

The Mayor said that if the marina was finally built, it would have a capacity of 1,000 berths for boats and would be located in the bay of Potimon in Kissonerga in an area 155,000 square metres in size. The project will take approximately three years to be completed.

“Its construction will enrich tourism in the area, it will help promote and develop nautical tourism in Paphos and create thousands of jobs,” he said.

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