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Extra payments on CyTA and EAC bills could help the needy

WOULD IT be possible to persuade the EAC and CyTA to ask their customers to agree to add €2.00 to each monthly bill, and deposit that money into a single account with the Bank of Cyprus? The bank would distribute the money, equally between all the councils so they can help low-income families to buy food or pay their bills?

To build confidence with the EAC and CyTA customers, the bank should publish each month how much was distributed to each council, and councils should make available a summary of expenditure for the public to inspect

This will help to bring people closer and more aware of many families’ economic problems, and how the councils, in partnership with the community are dealing effectively with the crises.

I know this will take a lot of effort to succeed, but as the economic situation deteriorates and more people lose their jobs, I feel the situation will not improve in the short term, so positive action like this is required.

Roy Webster, Oroklini

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