Cyprus Mail

Fewer flamingos, more ducks

THE number of flamingos on Cyprus’ wetlands decreased in December compared to the same period the previous year while the number of ducks increased.

The Game Fund said that more than 24,000 birds were counted last month of which the majority (15,134) were flamingos with 13,600 counted at Akrotiri salt lake.

The number of ducks in December increased significantly compared to the previous year, the Game Fund said, with numbers reaching 5,716.

In 2012, the total number of birds was slightly more than last year in December, reaching around 24,700 with more than 20,000 flamingos and around 1,880 ducks.

In 2011 during the same period, 21,160 total birds were counted, with flamingos amounting to 12,093 and 4,558 ducks.

The biggest threat to birdlife on the island, according to the Game Fund, is illegal poaching, the lack of water due to drought and the dumping of garbage on wetlands.