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Woman’s desperate search to find Greek Cypriot dad

Bev Gauntlett

By Bejay Browne

A DESPERATE British mum of four has turned to the Sunday Mail for help as her twenty year long search for her Greek Cypriot biological father has so far failed to uncover his whereabouts.

Bev Gauntlett, 44, says she has been searching for her dad since finding out at the age of 24 that she was adopted. “I found out that I was adopted by mistake. I had a six-week-old daughter and I wanted to frame our birth certificates. My mother kept all of my paperwork and she said she couldn’t find it. I decided to save time and hassle, so I went to the local registry office and purchase a duplicate,” she told the Sunday Mail from Surrey where she lives.

She was told they couldn’t locate a birth certificate for her and suggested that she call another number in case she had been adopted

“I was mortified and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I went home and sat in disbelief that I may be adopted. I called the number; I was asked a few questions and put on hold. To my horror it was confirmed they had a file on my adoption.”

Although understandably shocked, she soon wanted to track down her birth parents. The adoption file revealed she was born on April 1, 1969 and that her birth name was Many Ann Millsom.

She managed to find her birth mother Linda Olive Millsom who told her that she had never told Bev’s father that she was pregnant.

“She seems to have blocked this part of her life out, which isn’t very helpful,” says Bev. As a result the details Bev has gleaned over the years are extremely sketchy.

She knows her dad was a Greek Cypriot, known as both Christopher and Christos. He was described as a good looking man, about 5’6 dark with straight hair, dark brown eyes and an olive complexion. He would have been 24 years old in 1969, and at some point he worked as a chef at the Wimpy restaurant in Ealing Broadway.

“In my adoption file, he is described as Greek Orthodox and a very nice man who liked to joke and was always smiling. He enjoyed playing cards at a Greek club and he had an older brother who was a taxi driver.”

According to Bev, her dad rented a room in the Shepherd’s Bush area and had a relationship with her birth mother for about six months.

“I am appealing to anyone in Cyprus who can help me to find my dad. He has four beautiful granddaughters whom he knows nothing about. If people were in London, in the West Ealing or Shepherd’s Bush area in the 1960s, they may be able to help me,” she says.

Despite her plight being highlighted in the local London press, so far she says she is no further forward in finding her dad. “I’m so sad about this and even if I could find some of his friends or discover his surname it would be really helpful. I desperately want to find my father and discover my roots.”

Bev says she has turned up a number of leads but so far they have all led to dead ends.

Christos may have previously owned a salon which is now called ‘Class’, he may also have lived in Whetstone in North London for a period of time.

“He is now believed to have left the UK and gone to live in Cyprus,” she says.

Bev says she would love to travel to Cyprus to try to track down her father herself, but she is not in a financial position to do so.

“I couldn’t afford to fly over to Cyprus, but I would very much love to have been able to come over and spearhead my search,” she says.

“If anyone can remember anything at all, or has any idea where my dad may be, please contact me.”


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