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Referendum needed on whether we really want a BBF

At the London school of economics on the Cyprus issue the President of the Republic commented that “first and foremost, a viable and lasting settlement would be in the best interest of the people of Cyprus, Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and their longing to live in a normal and prosperous European country.”

“In parallel, a re-united Cyprus, fully respecting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of all its citizens, will also prove of great value to the development of the EU – Turkey relations, including its security dimension,” he added.

I am not so sure that both communities want reunification and I think the President needs to have a referendum amongst the Greek Cypriot community of whether the majority prefer

a) bizonal bicommunal federation (BBF)

b) a two-state solution based on “land for recognition formula”

The fact that no Greek Cypriot President wants to put up a referendum and discuss arguments for and against the above choices only means that the current status quo will continue.


George K Georgiou, Australia

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