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Cyprus problem needs to be resolved now

As I am not a Cypriot I do not have the same emotional attachments that others do, however, I do have friends – both Turkish and Greek Cypriot. They want peace and they agree with me that there are two key threats or opponents to a Cyprus solution.

One is Turkish PM Erdogan who recently proposed a detailed plan for a new Ottoman Empire across all of Europe and who refuses to acknowledge Cyprus as anything other than Turkish.

The other is the most incompetent and laziest UN employee in history, a failed Australian politician whose only success, other than travelling the world and dining extensively, is to hire one of his own offspring on his staff.
Cyprus needs to be resolved and the United Nations must stop pussyfooting around. Erdogan must be told to back off and to stop threatening yet another invasion of Cyprus. All troops save for the UN must be removed. A peace conference must be held within months as the pain has gone on for far, far too long for all the people of Cyprus. Downer must be kept out and such a conference co chaired by the Greek and Turkish Cypriot mayors of Famagusta

Ange Kenos, via email

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