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BirdLife launches ‘Spring Alive’

BirdLife International launched the Spring Alive 2014 on Thursday, an annual activity programme that deals in bird-watching and observing migratory patterns of birds in Europe.

According to a press release, Spring Alive is now nine years old and aims at bringing together children, their teachers and families to observe and record the arrivals of five species of migrant birds: Barn Swallow, White Stork, Common Cuckoo, Common Swift, and European Bee-eater.

Spring Alive began as a European project to create a real-time online map of the northward and back spread of these spring migrants.

BirdLife encourages volunteers and participants in the programme to “get more involved in a variety of indoor and outdoor events ranging from bird watching outings to actions for the conservation of migratory birds. You will find them all on the Spring Alive website, just get ready to go out and act for nature!”.  Learn more at

According to BirdLife, over the course of eight years, participants from 49 countries looked out for winged heralds of spring within the framework of Spring Alive.

“Birds know no borders and this is why they can unite people who share the same interests but come from different countries on different continents”, said the release.



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