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Turkish Cypriot among most wanted fraudsters in Spain

Tunch Kashif, one of the most wanted fraudsters in Spain by the UK’s Crimestoppers organisation

A 48-year old Turkish Cypriot man has been named as one of the most wanted fraudsters in Spain by the UK’s Crimestoppers organisation.

According to the Crimestoppers report, Tunch Kashif is said to have recently been involved in Fine Wine Investment Fraud, offering fraudulent shares to UK investors.

Crimestoppers believes he is currently hiding in Biarritz, France, but claim that he could also be in northern Cyprus and has family links to the North London area.

According to Crimestoppers “these investment scams are run by individuals based overseas in set-ups known as boiler rooms that target innocent victims by luring them into investing in bogus companies. This is currently being committed by British and foreign nationals based in Spain who target the most vulnerable of the UK public through cold-calling. They particularly target elderly people, offering them worthless, overpriced or non-existent shares and pressuring them to use their savings to become investors. They promise a good return on investment but ultimately they are stealing people’s life savings to fund their extravagant lifestyles overseas”.

Crimestoppers is a UK based charity, aimed at bringing criminals to justice.

In September 2012, the Crimestoppers charity, the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the Republic of Cyprus, launched a similar campaign to track down and apprehend nine fugitives – eight men and a woman – believed to be hiding in Cyprus.

Four of the suspects have since been arrested.

The five still at large are Cypriots Costas Sampson, Mehmet Salih and Hasan Akarcay, and British nationals Timur Mehmet and Martin Evans.

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