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Orthodox Church needs to enter the modern age

What a shame that when our Greek ancestors  wrote the New Testament for us, they neglected  to leave a memo for their synod to initiate liturgical reforms to accommodate the modern or colloquial vernacular language when it becomes  clearly necessary  so that our church services can be understood by her current  worshippers.            

I am one of many that leave each Sundays service with guilty feelings due to my failure to maintain concentration after being bombarded with ancient words that trigger my mind to drift away leaving only the priest and the very devout  fully comprehending.

We should take a leaf from the Catholics’ book. Their Church acted in time by parting from the Latin Liturgy and so prevented their youth from becoming lapsed Christians whose demise in faith would undoubtedly negatively reflect on their children’s religious beliefs, prompting them to opt for an alternative religion that they can understand or not to bother at all and  become  atheists.

When the disciples of Jesus were given powers to speak foreign languages, were they in tongues that were currently spoken, or ones that were a thousand years old?

Since our Church allows services to be held using today’s spoken English, is it not hypocritical to refuse changes that the Greek ’masses’ are crying for?

When will that magical date come about for our Church to make the long overdue changes?  Until then I recommend others who are like me, to also buy a service book with translations in today’s English to least follow the doxology service and hopefully the Church wardens would get the message and make available copies of the few pages of the above book for the many whose intention was to worship, but end up sorting out their domestic problems during church services.

A Dinou, Nicosia

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