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Unwilling to respond definitively to civil enquiries

Since I have over 9,000 names in support of a crematorium in Cyprus it is not surprising that I regularly receive enquiries about how this issue is being handled by the Government.  I wish I could report progress.  Last year the relevant Bill contained provision for regularising funeral parlours, embalming, and crematoria.  For reasons not fully explained, the Bill was delayed “until the end of the year”, with the crematorium section being placed on the back burner (sorry) for “further discussion”.  

I wrote to the Cyprus Mail at the time, asking after ten years of discussion, what there was left to talk about that hadn’t been endlessly discussed through this last decade? I wrote also to the House Interior Committee Chairman and later to the President’s Office seeking an answer. Neither has responded.  Why not?  What has happened to this Bill?

And I also addressed the President publicly in the media, and and privately to his Office, asking about the issue of democratically enfranchising the expatriate community.   Currently 10% of the population are excluded from voting for him or his successors, unlike the situation for 300,000 Greek Cypriots in the UK who can vote in all elections.

This enquiry was eventually shuffled off to Interior Minister Mr. Hasikos, who has so far failed to reply to my correspondence.  The Presidential hope seems to be that this tiresome matter will thus disappear into the mists of Government bureaucracy.  Allow me to make clear that it will be pursued relentlessly.

All I have ever asked of the President is to tell us the logic of not supporting this move forward?  This seemingly enlightened man is inexplicably bereft of any explanation. However, he has twice kindly wished me health and happiness.   And continues to send me DISY newsletters. . .

Finally, why is it that so many senior officials and public figures, busy as they may well be, are unwilling to respond definitively to perfectly civil enquiries which, after all, affect tens of thousands of us living in Cyprus?  Is it because the expatriate community can have so little effect on Governmental deliberations, despite our massively measurable contribution?


Clive Turner, Paphos

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