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Mr Anastasiades please change course

Mr Anastasiadis wants a bizonal, bicommunal federation. Since the 70s, endless rounds of talks have failed to make headway on attempts to unite Cyprus as a union of two autonomous regions with one central government.  You cannot force two people to live together when there is no trust, suspicion and a brutal bloody past from both sides.

Mr Anastasiadis change course sit down with Mr Eroglu and work out a “land for recognition formula” In other words the RoC gets addition land say Varosha and the Kokkina enclave and in return recognise the TRNC.

The RoC Government needs to think that by forcing a union with the TC and supporting Turkey’s EU bid it would lead to a demographic nightmare for both the RoC and Greece.

What is to stop a future EU Turkey sending millions of Turks as EU citizens to the RoC and Greece and changing the demographics forever?
Greece is prepared to recognise “FYROM” with a geographic qualifier as Republic of Northern Macedonia or Upper Macedonia even though most of the Macedonian region is in Greece.

Greece says it will not recognise a Turkish state in Northern Cyprus even though most of the Cypriot land is in GC hands. You be the Judge.
Plan B for the Turkish Cypriots is if the talks fail they will seek International recognition through the OIC Organisation of Islamic conference which has 57 Muslim states and the TRNC already has observer status.

As it stands 60% of the land is in GC hands 37% in TC hands and 3% the British bases. The worst GC case scenario of a forced union will mean the TC will one day become the majority.

There are already 300.000 Turks and TCs as well as 40.000 Turkish troops plus 180.000 foreigners on the GC side. Do the math Mr Anastasiadis.

In Ireland there are two states surrounded by water, there is the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland why is the international community not pushing the two Irelands to unite?

Why the sudden urge by the UN to unite Cyprus and not Ireland or Sudan?
Personally I can live with the idea of a Republic of Cyprus (EU member) and a northern Cyprus side by side with some land adjustments and compensation for both sides who lost land in 1974. At the very least the GC would keep their Hellenism.

George K Georgiou, Australia

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