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Puppy rescuers hailed as heroes on social media

By Dominique Miltiadou

A STRING of videos posted on facebook showing the rescue of a puppy on the Larnaca highway have gone viral.

The puppy who was found tied up in a bag, without oxygen and left to die on the side of a busy highway would have been killed if it hadn’t been for Alex Pavlimbey who was curious and concerned enough to stop his car to get a better look.

Alex was driving to work on Thursday at about 2pm when he noticed the bag moving on the side of the road.

‘Initially, I thought it might have been a baby but then I heard the puppy breathing,” he said.

He managed to poke some holes in the bag to stop the dog from suffocating and called the police who, he said, did not show any concern so he sought help from his cousin, Nikolas Koumallos who works part time at the Aradippou dog shelter.

His cousin drove to the spot and managed to cut the bag open once they got the puppy into the car as they feared it might panic and run into the road.

Alex said that the bag was full of faeces and the puppy was terrified.

He decided to film the whole thing and subsequently uploaded it to Facebook.

‘I did not post the video for popularity. I don’t usually post things on Facebook. I keep myself to myself.’ Alex said.
In one of the videos where Alex is filming the dog struggling in the bag, he can be heard saying: “What we see before us is the humanity of Cypriots- tying a dog and throwing it in the road to get rid of it.”

The reaction on Facebook was overwhelming and many Cypriots have shown their outrage and disapproval, and Alex and his cousin are being hailed as heroes. One of the videos had 459 shares as well as 200+ likes by yesterday afternoon.

The head of the Aradippou dog shelter said the situation there was dire, and with 160 dogs they were operating at maximum capacity. “We can’t take it anymore,” said Christos Karoullas. “No one is helping us. Everything is left in the hand of the volunteers.”

Karoullas said the shelter had a no euthanasia policy, which made it virtually impossible to take in new dogs at the moment.

The puppy found by Alex and Nikolas is currently being fostered by a volunteer but is still looking for a permanent home.

The videos Alex posted can be seen on his facebook page, this is a link to the one where the puppy is set free:

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