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Trip to Turkey revealed scale of Cyprus drug rip-off

By Kostas Kypriotis

I WAS IN Turkey for a few days recently and went into a pharmacy to buy something for my cough.

When I called my doctor in Cyprus from the pharmacy to ask what drugs I should buy, he asked me to also check the prices of some of the other medicines that are widely used in Cyprus.

On my return, we compared the prices that I found in the Turkish pharmacy with the prices of exactly the same drugs in Cyprus. After recovering from the shock, my doctor and I decided to broaden our ‘investigation’ to Greece and the ‘TRNC’ (despite the fact the latter sells pseudo-medicine).

The results are shown in the table below.

I have to admit that while in Turkey, I could not resist the temptation of the bargain prices and bought small quantities of various, commonly used drugs. Some were for me, as Cyprus had raised my sugar levels and blood pressure, and some were for friends also suffering from the Cyprus-induced ailment of high sugar levels and blood pressure.

Another reason was to get hold of an invoice as in Cyprus nowadays nobody believes anything.

I imagine that now I must be charged by the authorities for the illegal importation and disposal of dangerous substances without a licence from the Republic, but I hope that by the time I go to trial and am convicted, in two to three years’ time, conditions in the Central Prisons would have substantially improved…. and I will also be eligible for free medication (assuming the legislature does not pass any law forcing the well-off to pay for medical treatment in prison).

By the way, if there is a pharmacy or drug importing company for sale, I’m interested.

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