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Chemtrails are the least of our worries

A while back you ran a worrying front page story about weather modification and something known as stratospheric aerosol geoengineering.  This emanated from the Cyprus Green Party and in particular from Linda Leblanc.  I know and like Linda, who for years has done great work with the Peyia Council and is a Central Committee Member for the Greens.  But after some weeks of careful personal research, I believe she has this environmental issue quite out of balance.

At the time, I went to her stand at the Paphos harbour and picked up a leaflet outlining her concerns about this seeding of the atmosphere.  The pamphlet carried an appeal for action to stop what she considers is unauthorised and dangerous activity, causing illness, and much of it carried out in secrecy.  And, more to the point, Linda is exercised that Cyprus has been targeted for this geoengineering.  She pointed up at trails visible that particular morning. Then she gave me a resource list of  references.  I promised I would look into this topic very thoroughly – and indeed I have since read everything I could get hold of.

Firstly, as someone who has past experience serving with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm – flying in various parts of the world – and necessitating meterological training (Linda has none), I can straight off tell readers that the aircraft contrails at 35,000 feet which we all often see, some of which the Green Party declares are transboundary aerial pollution and evidence of deliberate geoengineering, are virtually harmless.  They are not in any way connected with weather manipulation.  Any commercial pilot will agree.   These contrails, given certain conditions at height, can last for a long time, and should not be confused with anything sinister.

Perhaps predictably, all the references Linda gave me are critical of the global geoengineering which has undoubtedly gone on, and continues. However,  what the Green Party significantly does not include in its pamphlet are the many other references to be found which completely confound the assertions I was given – and so we are seeing an acutely skewed review of this topic.  I wrote to Linda pointing this out, but she has evidently decided not to respond.

Why anyone would specifically target the skies over Cyprus is surely a fair question and I suspect that the plausibility of this is about as likely as a butterfly landing on an iceberg.

In summary, weather manipulation and geoengineering above our island is perhaps one of the lesser risks we need to worry about.


Clive Turner, Paphos

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