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Chemtrails are very much a matter of concern


Please allow me to respond to my friend Clive Turner’s letter “Chemtrails are the least of our worries” (Sunday Mail, April 13).  It happens that I was present during Clive’s discussion about chemtrails with my wife, Linda Leblanc.  He claims that his meteorological credentials as a former Fleet Air Arm pilot led him to conclude that the overhead aerial phenomena we were then actually witnessing were simply jet aircraft contrails.

I then told him that, as a former RAF pilot of the same vintage (World War 2), I disagreed.  I believe I have had much the same thorough training in meteorology as he has, supplemented by, like him, actually flying in many different climatic zones.  Neither of us has, as far as I am aware, any jet piloting experience.


Once rather sceptical myself, when Linda first started investigating the chemtrail phenomenon, I was soon convinced, by my own sightings here as well as by the many reports Linda regularly receives from experts elsewhere, including professional meteorologists, that this geoengineering, without our consent, is a world-wide phenomenon, including but in no way limited to Cyprus.  With the greatest respect for a fellow old-time pilot, I would ask Clive if he would kindly explain to us how to account for these strange, unfamiliar cloud formations.  NASA has recently somehow managed to come up with (invent?) 34 different types, compared with the dozen or so that we were taught and experienced all those years ago.  Not only how, but why?

The real problem, as with so many critical issues nowadays, is that we plebeians are deliberately kept from knowing what is really going on.  Chemtrails are very much a matter of concern.  We are unconsulted, unwilling guinea pigs whose health is demonstrably being seriously undermined by ingesting the almost constant fallout from these trails by toxic particulate matter.  As to their ultimate source, the Americans are very good at doing whatever they want to others without bothering to ask for their consent.  This has been clearly shown by the heroic Edward Snowden’s shocking revelations.

John Knowles, Flt/Lt (rtd) , Peyia

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