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New Animal Party ‘more concerned with votes than pets’

I write to register my disgust at the total lack of action and lack of courtesy of the newly-formed political party, the Animal Party, some of the members of which  I have personally met, and found to have a definite personal political agenda.

Nonetheless I was fully prepared to ally myself with this ‘party’ in an attempt to bring to the attention of a somewhat indifferent society in Cyprus to the cruelty that is meted out daily towards dumb animals.

This was in the hope that finally we and by this I mean the dedicated people Cypriot, English and all nationalities who are resident on this island, who, in total frustration over the years scour the garbage-ridden fields taking with them food and water in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of starving animals.

To these dedicated humanitarians I raise my hat. I have met them in the fields and have wept with them.

To get to the point. One dog that I had been supplying with food for on a daily basis suddenly disappeared and was not seen for a few weeks. I contacted others with whom I had met and realised that we were all feeding the same dog and had arranged to do it on a shift rota basis.

For three weeks the dog did not appear and we all accepted the possibility that some nameless cretin had probably poisoned it.

We still went daily and one day I found this once beautiful dog now a shadow of itself, totally emaciated and literally crawling on its hind legs towards me.

Initial investigation showed possible spine damage and one leg completely shattered.

I took it to the Ypsonas village vet who immediately started to treat the dog and it remained in his care for two days having all possible treatment, injections saline drips etc.

The final prognosis is nothing broken but will take two to three months to heal. The dog is now part of my family alongside two other rescued dogs, No bill was presented to me. So why do I castigate the Cyprus animal cruelty party?

I did sign up to become a party member pledging my support and wrote to them via their ineffective website asking for help and also  pointed out another case of animal cruelty being perpetrated in the environs of Ypsonas and asked that they take the appropriate  action.

What response did I get? After seven days… zilch. Soon this party will start asking for votes. They will not get mine. I will not suggest that others follow my example. Let them exercise their democratic rights. But I must say to members of the party who wish us to vote for them to be our representatives in the European Parliament, that the battlefield for their party should and must be the fields of Cyprus, not first class travel and expenses but action for the animals of Cyprus who are suffering on a daily basis.

I as an individual will exercise my right to oppose you via the media and the worldwide web. I am prepared to listen to your rebuttal and live in hope that you will act immediately.

You are invited to visit my website


Robert Cracknell, Limassol

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