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A rotten society immersed in corruption

Irene Charalambidou

By Loucas Charalambous

IN THE END, it was not just the politicians, the bankers, the developers, the unions and the media that destroyed our society. It has become apparent that this is a cess-pit of a society, a rotten society immersed in corruption.

My friend, who argues that there was only one way to clean up our society, has a point. He believes that we should build a huge prison to house each and every individual.

To be released each person would have to prove his or her innocence – that they did not steal, take backhanders, etc. If this crazy idea was implemented I think most of us would stay in prison.

Nobody knows any longer where to start and where to finish. Everywhere you search, you will find dirt, a scoundrel, a scam, a rusfeti – from the top to the bottom.

The banks were turned into mafia strongholds. The bankers stole from the banks and set up incredible mechanisms for squandering the money of the depositors and shareholders.

The governments, legislatures and parties turned into gangs of political crooks, all taking part in the big feast. And most of the rest were also trying to get a place at the table and dine.

As the banks were borrowing at five per cent interest and lending to their executives, directors, lawyers and employees at 0.7 per cent, we were also running after them in the hope we could blackmail them into allowing us into this privileged club.

Most of us would wake up every morning and the only thing on our mind was what scam we would come up with to make money.

We were interested in nothing else – not in our security, our future or where our country was heading.

It is no coincidence that we have reached the point at which we have become comfortable with partition, ready to accept it as the best possible solution and even celebrate it as we did a few weeks ago.

Most astonishing of all is the behaviour of the protagonists of the catastrophe and especially their nerve. Our politicians are carrying out investigations to find others to condemn as the culprits.

The lawyers and other vultures who were securing loans worth many millions with an interest below one per cent (and presumably deposited it elsewhere at an interest of three to four per cent) are also demanding the punishment of the culprits.

Not one of the bankers has had the decency to publicly apologise to the depositors and shareholders who lost their assets, the bankers who squandered the millions in the bank vaults and gave out loans that would never be paid back. But these people are still roaming free, meeting the president of the republic and offering advice on how we should be helped.

Instead of being behind bars they are meeting the president. Our deputies have become the judges of everyone, instead of sitting in the dock.

DISY chief Averof Neophytou, at least, is entertaining: “We, the politicians, destroyed the country with our populism, but now we will pass laws that would prevent us from doing it again.” So everything is fine now.

AKEL deputy Irene Charalambidou is on the radio and TV every day expressing outrage about the favourable loans Andreas Vgenopoulos gave to his friends.

But why does she not start with her own party? Had she not heard about the write-off of bank loans to PEO union, AKEL officials and companies owned by AKEL? Had she not heard about the cash injection of €1.5 million from Maritime Focus? Does she not realise that at the entrance of AKEL’s HQ there should be a portrait or bust of Vgenopoulos as the party’s biggest benefactor?

I still think that with these politicians, these bankers, these lawyers and generally all of we scoundrels in Cyprus, the arrival of the Turks was not the worst thing that could have happened. We deserved to have been invaded by cannibals.

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