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Cyprus has never been a Greek island

I READ George Georgiou’s letter (Sunday Mail, May 4) with some disbelief.

He wants to import thousands of Pontian Greeks into Cyprus to match the Turkish north.  But Cyprus has never been a Greek island.

Cyprus was always part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire prior to it being handed over to the British in 1914.

The Greeks are not, and have never been indigenous to Cyprus. In fact many Greeks came to the island whilst it was under Turkish control to work in the fields.

We have enough unemployment and food-banks for the poor, so where are these extra people going to work?  Mr George has no problems living in Australia on land stolen from the Aborigines.

In fact after the problems in ’74 many Cypriots went to Australia or to the US to settle on land taken from the indigenous population or to the UK on to live on land that was taken by the Crown, where the people were reduced to serfdom.

Each country has had its problems and looking backwards only creates a sense of injustice.  Best to look to the future even if it’s under a Turkish president.

We need someone with the strength to lead us out of the mess we are now in.

We need a reality check; we need to make friends with people who were once our enemies, the Germans, the British, the Americans and the Turkish.

We need to move forward not to try and score points over perceived injustices. Cyprus today is bankrupt and in no position to start picking fights or trying to settle old scores.

Peter G Davis, Drousia, Paphos

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