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Urgent need of Limassol animal shelter

I AM writing this letter in pure desperation, after many years in Cyprus caring for the stray cats.

The situation is very difficult, but we are a few people who feed a lot of stray cats every single day, spay and neuter them, and bring sick and wounded animals to the vet.

It costs us a fortune, but we simply can’t stop caring for them, otherwise it would be a disaster for the animals and for a certain area of Limassol.

We have contacted municipalities, had meetings with various animal organisations, and sometimes the police in cruelty cases.

In return we got threats, and had to block or change our phone numbers. It is very depressing. We have nowhere to call, nobody to trust, and no place to take the sick or wounded to in Limassol. Nobody cares!

What we need is an animal shelter, an animal police force, and an animal organisation that really cares and does something for the suffering animals on daily basis. It is urgent!

We have been so depressed for a long time and what triggered the letter is the struggle we meet every single day now in this rainy weather.

Imagine a dirty place without protection either for the cats or the food. We are met by 30-40 soaking wet hungry cats, and some of them sick.

Every week people are dumping tiny new kittens there and other places, because they know we are feeding them. Needless to say it is a very big burden for us.

A cat/animal shelter in Limassol would first of all help the animals, but it would also definitely improve our reputation as a country known for its cruelty towards animals.

As Gandhi said: “You can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals.”

Name and adress withheld.


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