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So the invasion is an alleged injustice then?

Mr. Davis, I agree with your opinion about not importing Greek settlers and to forgive and forget but, please, when you use descriptive words pertaining to my island of birth, make sure you use the ones that are relevantly correct because when you say ‘Cyprus was always part of the Turkish Empire’, you are attempting to ignore  the historic hoard of invading nations that occupied and looted  Cyprus many decades before  a Turkish Empire  existed.

The only good conqueror was Alexander the Great whose only two faults were that he abolished the Cypriot currencies and minted his own and the other was consistent with all good things for Cyprus ending in disaster, he died.

Did the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Constantinople (now Istanbul) always belong to the current owners?

Just when you put me in a forgiving mood by quite rightly saying: ‘we should not be looking backwards’, you had another relapse and continued,  ‘ it only creates a sense of perceived injustices’.

Are you serious in assuming that  our currently experiencing  results of the forty years nightmare  invasion, settlers  and occupation is an “alleged injustice”?

The Turks successful long term planning using their settlers passed unhindered by the super powers but will be the time bomb in the same way as the disastrous results of settlers planted  in Northern Ireland by the British.

Lastly, if the Cypriots are not of Greek descent where is your proof of the Greek correspondence courses for the Cypriots who still use ancient words that their motherland Greeks have now forgotten?

A Dinou, Nicosia

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