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The ‘immaculate conception’ insurance policy

I am resident of Cyprus, and I must therefore have health insurance. Being used to fairly usual terms for this kind of thing, I didn’t read all the way through the terms and conditions last year, but this year I looked through them and found something surprising.

It includes pregnancy insurance. I thought, surely some mistake… I am definitely female, but I’m 68.

I went to the head office of Atlantic Insurance, and asked why elderly ladies must insure against what could only happen by a rather quixotic Act of God.  I was very politely told that it is mandatory and I must have it even if I live to be 100.

The (very nice) lass went on to explain that men must also pay for this part of the insurance.

While I was recovering the power of speech, she added that even children and babies must have pregnancy cover!

This cover is always an expensive part of a health policy, and I am amazed that at least half of our population are paying for something which can never happen!  How very strange.

Joy Kay, via email

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