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Seminar to deal with fear of flying

A SPECIALISED seminar for those afraid of air travel will be held on Saturday, June 14, organised by the Mediterranean Institute of Aviation Safety and Cyprus Airways, and supported by Hermes Airports.

The Institute announced yesterday that the final stage of the seminar, which will be held at a Larnaca hotel, will include a half-hour flight on a Cyprus Airways Airbus.

The Institute added that the seminar will include presentations by psychologists, pilots and other personnel, who have been specially trained by the most credible pteromerhanophobia – fear of flying – team in Europe, that of Virgin Airlines.

Statistics show that over 90 per cent of attendees in such seminars overcome their phobia, the statement said.

The attendance fee has been set at €95 and covers attendance, informative materials, meals, transport to and from the airport and the flight.

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