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Leicester wins court battle over King Richard III’s resting place

Descendants of King Richard III, whose body was discovered under a municipal car park two years ago in one of Britain’s most remarkable archaeological finds of recent times, lost a court fight on Friday over where his remains should be reburied.

Richard was the last English monarch to die in battle, slain at the Battle of Bosworth Field near Leicester in central England in 1485, ending the Plantagenet dynasty which had ruled for 300 years.

The whereabouts of his grave were a mystery until his skeleton, with a curved spine and head wounds, was found by archaeologists from the University of Leicester with DNA tests confirming it was indeed the slain king.

The university, which has the backing of the city council, was then given permission from Britain’s Ministry of Justice to re-bury the king at Leicester cathedral.

But the Plantagenet Alliance, which includes Richard’s distant descendants, asked the High Court to block the plans arguing the government was “unreasonable” to give this permission, and that the decision on the final resting place should have been a matter of public consultation.

They want their ancestor to be reinterred in the northern city of York which was his power base during his 26-month reign.

Three of the country’s most senior judges ruled at London’s High Court ruled there should not be a judicial review of the original decision.


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