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Bar review: Caraffa Bastione, Nicosia

By Constantinos Psillides

Situated in the edge of the old town of Nicosia, Caraffa Bastione is a bar /restaurant with a selection as rich as its history. The Caraffa part was only added in 2011, when the bar renovated and reopened. Through the years, Bastione went through many transformations, from a bar, to a restaurant, to a piano bar but its doors were always open to greet Nicosians who wanted a night out.

The bar isn’t afraid to broadcast its class to the world. In a time where most inner city bars go for the rustic style, heavy on the wood and antiques, Bastione’s decoration radiates modern elegance. A bar is on the right side of the entrance, while the dining area is a level down. In the summertime the sidewalk is littered with tables but the owner takes care not to block people walking by.

Caraffa Bastione is open for a drink any day of the week, but dining is restricted to inside.

The service is impeccable, also with a touch of class. A wine connoisseur is on stand-by and goes to all diners suggesting a wine to go with their meal. And while the cynics might say his suggestion is linked to its price, he suggested a wine less expensive than the one we had in mind and it turned out to be an excellent choice! The most expensive bottle of wine on the list by the way is €750.

A Mediterranean cheese selection is a perfect companion for conversation but that is not the only thing on the menu. For those interested in more than wine and conversation, the chef of Caraffa Bastione offers different specials every day, prepared and served with elegance.

While price is certainly a bit over your usual inner city bar the owners didn’t go overboard, allowing you to enjoy a special night out without making your wallet significantly lighter by the end of it.

Caraffa Bastione
Where: 6 Athens Avenue, Nicosia
Contact: 22 730025,

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