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Decimated kingmakers still feel able to gloat

By Loucas Charalambous

THE ONLY safe conclusion you can arrive at, on hearing everything our politicians said after last Sunday’s European elections, is that they are incorrigible.

They were the same demagogues after the elections as they were before them. They remained the same irresponsible populists they were before the elections and I do not see them changing any time soon.

Nothing touches them and nothing can improve them. Neither the refusal of half the electorate to vote nor the snubbing of most of them by half the electorate that went to the polling stations has touched them.

They all appeared on our TV screens last Sunday nights to tell us about the powerful ‘message’ sent by half the voters who chose to abstain and that they would take it very seriously.

I particularly enjoyed that slaps suffered by the leaderships of EDEK and DIKO. The undisputed champions of demagoguery tasted more than anyone the revenge of half the voters who bothered to cast their vote.

If there was any ‘message’ from these elections it was exactly this. That at least those who bothered to vote can no longer tolerate the political dishonesty served daily by the demagoguery of our political scoundrels.

If we take into account all the nonsense the two parties churned out during the election campaign, it would be no exaggeration to say that their demagoguery was inversely proportional to the votes they received.

The super-patriots of EDEK who deafened us with their self-righteous slogan that “we were not on the take”, were given a harsh lesson, losing 43 per cent of the vote the party secured in the previous elections.

And if Perdikis had not been on its ballot, it would have lost its seat at the European parliament to the party’s former darling Lillikas.

The “clean and shiny”, as Edekites liked to describe themselves during the campaign in effect lost half their supporters.
I very much like the excuse they found for this defeat.

The party had organisational weaknesses and was unable to deal with the abstentions. It does not have powerful ‘mechanisms’ and money to be able to take its voters to the polling stations as the big parties do.

A good thing they told us.

Now we know that the “proud Edekites”, as Dr Lyssarides likes to call them, are not so proud of their party that they actually get off their arses and go to the polling station.

They needed an organisational mechanism and money to force the “proud Edekites” to go and vote for their party.

Is it with these party warriors that socialist leader Omirou plans to force Turkey to pay the cost for its occupation?
And what should we say about that other uncompromising patriot, Nicolas Papadopoulos?

DIKO lost 25 per cent of its party custom and yet he was celebrating because the party had “maintained its king-making role”.

This cynical admission betrays the party’s complete lack of principles, an ideology that remains unchanged since it was established by Spyros Kyprianou.

The only thing that interests the party leadership is to maintain control over a percentage of the vote which it could sell, sometimes to AKEL and sometimes to DISY, to make the majority required to seize power.

And of course DIKO is always a prominent member of any AKEL or DISY government and takes a big share of the spoils.

This is how we have ended up having a party with a 10 per cent share of the vote effectively governing us for the last 40 years, as the two big parties invariable submit to its diktats.

They have even left the Cyprus problem unsolved in order to keep DIKO happy. After all, their priority is to keep the “kingmaker” sweet.

This is Cyprus politics and nothing will change, not even when the abstention rate reaches 99 per cent.

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