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Teens use smartphones more than computers

A Europe-wide survey on teenagers’ internet behaviour revealed that 92 per cent have joined social networks – including a significant number of under-thirteens – and many of them, aged 15 or older, use their smart phones more than their computers, according to Galastyle magazine and Click newspaper’s Christa Theophanopoulou.

In a news conference held jointly with the Justice Ministry, themed Safe Social Networking, Theophanopoulou said that 63 per cent of social-networking teenagers chat with strangers online, and 45.7 of this sub-group has physically met at least one online acquaintance.

“58.8 per cent of teenagers looked at were exposed to pornographic material, while 61.8 per cent play videogames – behaviour mostly exhibited by males,” she said.

Theophanopoulou said that girls showed a stronger likelihood to be victims of internet bullying.

“Generally, according to experts, more than 2.5 hours of internet activity on a daily basis has been linked to symptoms of addictive behaviour, which lead to psychosocial difficulties,” she noted.

“That is,” she added, “limited social skills, attention deficit, depression, and others. But it is also important that such addictive trends do not present in teenagers and youngsters only, but older people as well.”

“Through this campaign, we aim to inform and educate as many social groups as possible,” Theophanopoulou concluded.

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