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Collecting accolades: Kamanterena winery scooping up the international prizes this year

By George Kassianos

Kamanterena winery in Stroumbi Pafos is proud of its 2014 medal winners in three competitions abroad, an rightly so. Nine different wines have won an incredible 11 medals so far this year, the most they have ever won. The number of accolades Kamanterena winery wins each year is testament to their strive for quality wines. And we couldn’t resist tasting them and justifying the judges’ remarks.

2013 Kamanterena Xynisteri
Bronze Decanter World Wine Awards 2014, Gold 14th Salonika International Wine Competition, Bronze International Wine & Spirits
Kamanterena Xynisteri is a classic Paphos region white wine made from the indigenous Xynisteri grape. Crisp, bright and refreshing, from a bright lemony with green iridescence, thin wine. Clean and ripe aromas on the nose, very fruity with notes of pineapple and passion fruit, with hints drained. The mouthfeel is fresh and with good acidity, slightly bitter and warm after the drink and the fruit reappears on the finish. This tank-fermented wine will work as a stand alone refresher on a hot day as well as during a meal where it will pair well with salads, egg dishes and all manner of seafood. €5.30

2013 Kamanterena Xynisteri-Semillon
Commended Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
The colour is fresh, vibrant pale straw with lime green edges. The wine displays an intense lifted fruit profile of cantaloupe melon, lemon and lime; herbs, with underlying notes of complex nettle, clove and star anise. These multifaceted characteristics from the bouquet follow onto the palate with orange zest and lime. These complementary fruit flavours come across with great intensity, with a lovely textured mouthfeel and an excellent lime of acid that pulls the palate along to a refreshing finish. This wine would pair well with grilled swordfish with a lemon drizzle. €7.60

2013 Stroumbeli Chardonnay
Gold 14th Salonika International Wine Competition
Since the anti-oak movement took hold a few years ago, ‘Unwooded’ or ‘Unoaked’ Chardonnay has become a ubiquitous household designation almost entirely associated with most Cypriot Chardonnay, and it’s a designation almost always for cheaper Chardonnay compared to oaked. Pale golden green in the glass, the nose with its bright citrus and tropical fruit flavors, it would be easy to mistake this wine for a Sauvignon Blanc and the mouth manages to be both juicy and crisp, with bright acid to meet the full apple flavours, finishing long and refreshingly dry. Stroumbeli unoaked Chardonnay is a great partner for pasta and pizza dishes, tapas and poultry dishes. €7.50

2013 Kamanterena Lefkadha – Shiraz, Rosé
Silver Concours International Des Roses Du Monde FRANCE, Silver Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
The wine has a ruby-pink, strawberry colour. It possesses a fragrant bouquet, with bright aromas of wild blackberries and raspberries with hints of spice. This wine is bursting with juicy fruit on the palate, full of flavours of berries, red cherries and plums, with a refreshing acidity and clean finish. Enjoy Kamanterena rosé as a pairing for a variety of white meat and grilled red meat dishes, as well as fruit desserts, appetizers or alone as an aperitif. €5.30

2013 Stroumbeli Rosé Maratheftiko
Silver Concours International Des Roses Du Monde FRANCE
Tempting, crushed raspberry colour offers delectable candyfloss, red berries and boiled sweet aromas. Swirl this wine around more and you will notice aromas of ripe strawberries, watermelon and guava. On the palate it shows depth of flavour with a vivaciousness and a lovely crisp finish. A very accessible wine which would pair wonderfully well with grilled prawns, sushi, picnics or simply enjoyed on its own. €7.15

2009 Stroumbeli Lefkadha
Commended Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
Saturated, deep black-red colour. The full aroma displays rich, concentrated spice, chocolate plummyness with violet and savoury notes, freshly turned earth and spice. The wine’s palate is rich, yet subtle. The tannins are soft and ripe, but with a lot of structure. The flavour shows roast coffee, vanilla toast and a long rich savoury aftertaste. Our vineyard soils are able to contribute top quality, full-flavoured richly-structured fruit that is able to dominate the wine. It is ideal with grilled and roasted meats as well as rich pasta dishes. €7.50

2009 Stroumbeli Maratheftiko
Commended Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
In the glass, Stroumbeli Maratheftiko is a deep purplish-bloody red with a clean, semi-opaque appearance going out into a light violet to crimson-red rim definition and showing medium-high viscosity. On the nose, the wine opens with a lovely, multi-layered perfume of black cherry, cassis and juicy ripe plum with undertones of fresh herbs, cocoa and clove. These elements carry through seamlessly to the palate, the mouthfeel substantial, round and luxuriously plush. The long, velvety finish is infused with black currant and dark chocolate. This wine is excellent with braised meats, melt in your mouth short ribs or something simple and hearty such as the classic cheeseburger. €10

2005 Saint Barnabas Commandaria
Silver Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2014, Gold 14th Salonika International Wine Competition
Saint Barnabas has an amber colour with an exquisite structure and finesse with complex notes of sugared fruit. This is a complex wine for connoisseurs of interesting sweet styles. This assertive Commandaria displays honey, roast coffee, dried fruit aromas and a buttery, well-structured palate. Harmonious in sweetness and acidity, this is a luxurious treat to be enjoyed now. In Cyprus, the production of sweet wines from sun-dried grapes, fortified, endures as the traditional winemaking technique passes from one generation to another. This is a fine choice for an after dinner nip with a morsel of dark chocolate or strong flavoured cheese and sweet dried fruit. €14.30

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