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Former cop found guilty of killing wife

By Constantinos Psillides

LARNACA Criminal Court found former police officer Nicos Iordanous, 62, guilty of murdering his wife Stavroula in December 2012.

Handing out the verdict, the judge said that the defence had failed to present a convincing argument.

The penalty for murder can be up to life imprisonment.

Iordanous had denied that he murdered his wife, claiming that she committed suicide and that the gunshot woke him up.

According to the police report, Stavroulla Iordanous was found dead in her apartment in Aradippou on the night of December 10, 2012. The cause of death was a gunshot to the head from a hunting gun lying next to her. First responders found Iordanous unconscious at a doorway and rushed him to hospital.

When he came around, Iordanous claimed that he was sleeping in his bedroom when a gunshot woke him up. He went to the living room and found his wife sitting on the couch dead, with his hunting gun next to her.

Police reports quickly concluded that this was an unlikely scenario. Investigators argued in court that the wound at the back of her head and above the left ear, suggests that the gun was held at an angle where the victim couldn’t reach the trigger. Investigators also argued that if the gun was indeed in her mouth, the damage would be far greater. Finally, they pointed out that the gun should be soaked with blood, but  forensic experts only found drops on the gun’s barrel and that the gun was neatly placed.

Prosecution presented witnesses saying that the couple fought constantly and that Iordanous had an extramarital affair. The couple also argued about their apartment, with Iordanous claiming that he should have sole ownership.

The judge told the Court that Iordanous’ guilt was proven “beyond any reasonable doubt.” His sentencing will be held on July 2.

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