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A Trojan horse is coming our way

By Hermes Solomon

BY WATCHING several different news channels, BBC World, CCTV News (Chinese) and RT (Russian) both in English, a French news channel and zapping between Cypriot channels between 8.00 and 9.00 pm most evenings, I arrive at my own conclusions as to why the Yanks say one thing and the Ruskies (a word coined during the Crimean war between the Ottomans and Russia) another about the ‘unrest’ in Ukraine.

In Ukraine there is a war going on, not ‘internecine strife’ as we are being fed by the media.

The war was started by both the Russians and the West; Ukrainians are being played with like tin soldiers. The war is over energy – gas in particular. Russia demands absolute control of pipelines in Ukraine, but we in the West would like to change all that.

We’re such interfering busybodies. It’s our nature! Greed and omnipotence! We seek to add Ukraine to our list of Balkan satellites – Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. And Russia will just not stand for it this time!

There is horrific ‘internecine strife’ going on in Syria, Libya, now Iraq, and of course, Afghanistan forever it seems – mostly due to fossil fuels and not Shias and Sunnis, Afghans and the Taliban.

Egypt has just ‘democratically’ elected a soldier as president, having imprisoned their formerly democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi on ‘whatever’ charges.

Many believe Turkey is ruled by an iron-fisted dictator, Tayyip Erdoğan. Given persistent internal unrest, internet interference and violent public demonstrations causing deaths, democracy doesn’t ring true there either. Nor does it in China’s Xinjiang ‘autonomous’ province, which borders fossil fuel rich Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and interestingly for conspiracy theorists, Afghanistan.

Apart from Israel, Turkey is the West’s most important Near-East satellite. Egypt is not to be sneered at either, nor Libya, Tunisia or anywhere else where fossil fuels or valuable minerals are shipped out buckshee by the omnipotent.

It is patently obvious that the ‘abduction’ of Helen by the Trojan prince, Paris was not the reason that Agamemnon & Co Ltd besieged Troy, and camped on the shore for ten years awaiting Ulysses’ wooden horse, which opened the gates of that windy city so the Greeks could pillage, rape and murder thousands of innocent and highly civilised Trojans. Troy overflowed with wealth at the time and the ‘barbarians’ wanted it all.

The Glory that was Greece was founded on pillaging richer states, just like the riches of the West today are founded on ‘pillaging’ fossil fuels and valuable minerals from poor and defenceless states.

A great nation can only remain great when not threatened by its immediate neighbours. But today the world is much smaller and the greatest world power of all time is paranoid about all of its neighbours.

Some say that Uncle Sam, led by a man who seems to have modelled his gait, mannerisms and speech on Fred Astaire, is indirectly responsible for those massacred in fossil fuel rich, long-term strife-ridden countries – but not just Uncle Sam, surely?

If we in Cyprus believe that fossil fuels lying off ‘our’ shores will enrich every man, woman and child of this country then we haven’t learnt a thing from the Ancient Greeks and Uncle Sam, and are as naïve as those who believed in the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s Iraq, nuclear nonsense in Iran and North Korea, and that the Taliban, Palestinians and Al Qaeda are alone responsible for world terrorism.

How can they be when Sarkozy and Blair kissed Gaddafi’s cheek on a Monday then bombed him to smithereens on a Tuesday? And who cared about the inhabitants?

We invaded Iraq to rid her of Saddam only to refuse to return there to stop today’s mindless slaughter unless it interferes with the free flow of ‘their’ fossil fuels. And in the meantime, who cares about the millions of war stricken and homeless inhabitants?

We apply sanctions to Russia without giving specifics, yet specifically indict Russia for the internecine conflict in eastern Ukraine. Who cares about the inhabitants?

And just what are we (by we, I mean the West) responsible for in Central Africa – the DR of Congo for example, which is unbelievably mineral and fossil fuel rich? Even the Chinese are getting in on the Central African Act – Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, etc. And who cares about any of that continent’s inhabitants?

The art of distributing misinformation by the media, politicians and all presidents has reached its apogee; its distance furthest from the truth. We no longer believe a single word of it and switch to any channel showing FIFA World Cup matches.

Thank the Almighty for giving us football, behind which we hide our indifference to demonic sin, secrets and lies – Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini for choosing Russia then Qatar the next two times around so I won’t have to sit up till one in the morning to watch England lose to Italy and Greece draw with Japan.

On a calmer note, we in Cyprus can expect an upturn in tourism this year, if not in the economy next year. Cyprus is the only Near Middle East country that is still sunny and safe to visit and live in, albeit ‘big noises’ (fossil fuel corporations) have besieged our shores in search of ‘big reserves’.

And we know what’s going to happen when those ‘big reserves’ are definitively established. We’ll awaken to the sight of a wooden horse standing unattended outside one of the many gates of our windy capital city. And just like the vainglorious Trojans, we’ll drag it inside!

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