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Readers’ letter, editor’s pick: Why is the Bar Association taking so long to investigate my complaint?

MY HOME from hell story started in 2007 when I purchased a new retirement home in Cyprus.

After purchasing my home I noticed that the driveway began sinking. I immediately raised my concerns with the developer who chose to ignore me and not take any responsibility for his own negligence.

As I was not making any headway with the developer I raised my concerns with builder’s architect who informed me that it was not his responsibility but the builder’s to remedy these types of defects.

I then began investigating the builder’s credentials, and to my horror I discovered that the builder did not hold a building licence. I was totally baffled. Surely the architect must have been known this!

As a result I employed a solicitor from Larnaca to take the necessary legal action on my behalf.

During the court hearings my solicitor informed me that my attendance was needed. So I booked my flight from London to attend the court hearing in Limassol. On the day of the hearing my solicitor called me to let me know that the case had now been postponed ‘because the court was too busy’.

I was so angry by the decision that my case had been postponed, not just once but on numerous occasions that I spoke directly to the courts clerk to try and understand why my case had been cancelled. The clerk informed me that it was my ‘solicitor’ who had cancelled that day’s hearing along with the two previous hearings. It was quite clear that my solicitor was not only lying to me but also the court, as I was in Cyprus at the time.

I was totally shocked by these revelations. I knew from that moment that my solicitor had been blatantly working behind my back to generate more euros.

I reported this case to the Bar Association, paying the 58 euros for my case to be investigated. My complaint was raised in April 2013 yet thus far I have not been contacted by the association. I have written on numerous occasions both emails and letters directly to the association asking them for an update on my case. They have just ignored me. Maybe it could simply just be the case that the Bar Association in Cyprus is unable to handle the sheer number of complaints against their solicitors. That’s one theory. Another is that they are attempting to delay the investigation so that they can cover up for the solicitor.

I would like Mr Doros Ioannides the president of the Bar Association to have the decency to investigate my complaint and update me on his findings.


Andreas Zachariou (UK)

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