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Limassol zoo sees first animal adoptions


Limassol Zoo has just seen its first animal adoptions, it said on Thursday.

The class C3 of the 2nd Primary School of Limassol, on the initiative of the their teacher collected money and adopted a Zebra Finch, the zoo said..

The second animal adoption was by Eugenia Davidovich and her family. They were on holiday in Cyprus from Russia and one day before they left they adopted a a male Weeper Capuchin called Rooney.

The adoption scheme is to help the zoon financially.

“Everyday maintenance costs are high,” it said in a statement. “Zoos cover their costs from grants, sponsorships, donations and animal adoptions.”

All of our animals at Limassol zoo are up for adoption; from the small Zebra finches to the Emu and from the Lama to the lizards. They can be adopted by anyone – families, schools institutions, organisations or companies. The zoo described it as an ideal gift.

For a €50 adoption subscribers receive a certificate, a photo of the animal, a Limassol zoo sticker and a zoo hat.

For a €200 donation, all of the above, along with a single annual pass to the zoo, and with €500 the same applies except the zoo pass would be a family one.

Animal adoptions last one year and the amount of money paid for each adoption depends on the species, based on the cost of feeding and maintenance.

For more information call 25588345






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