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I too don’t understand Patroclos’ Perdikis-bashing

I WISH to echo the sentiments expressed by John Knowles, the Sage of the Western Shore, in your letters’ column last Sunday.

Indeed, it remains a mystery, why your esteemed kafetzis, Patroclos, who seems sound in all other matters, has such a low opinion of the Green Party leader, Giorgos Perdikis.

It is not generally known, but when the Cyprus Rugby Federation were continually ignored by the Cyprus Sports Authority (KOA) and refused funding – even though a KOA registered organisation – it was Perdikis, ably assisted by the Green Party’s Efi Xanthou, that interceded and secured their first grant. Furthermore, and most importantly, they also ensured the rugby federation had the use of the national stadium for their international matches, which had previously been denied.

It was the clear commitment to the promotion of sport and playing fields in Cyprus by the Green Party that had led the federation executive to approach Perdikis, who succeeded when all other agencies had failed.
Rugby players and supporters on the island owe him a great debt and they won’t forget it.

Cyprus is undefeated in five years campaigning in Europe and holds the world record for consecutive international winning matches (23), and now promotes the sport for children in their academies based in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos.

Alexander McCowan, media officer, Cyprus Rugby Federation

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