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Poisoning raises animal welfare concerns

A three month old puppy died in Anogyra after eating a piece of poisoned ham

By Evie Andreou

LOCAL police stations will appeal to farmers and land owners to be careful with the use of pesticides and poisons used to kill rodents in their plots since they pose a threat to pets and other animals.

This follows concerns expressed by pet owners after a three-month old puppy, a cat and two hedgehogs were found dead from poisoning in Anogyra in Limassol.

Carol Hill, a resident of Anogyra, told the Cyprus Mail that her friend’s puppy was rushed to the vet yesterday, when during a morning walk with her owner, the puppy got violently sick and started foaming at the mouth. By the time they reached the vet in the nearby village Avdimou, the puppy had died.

The vet, Giannis Pieroua, said that he found a piece of ham in the puppy’s stomach with poison. He said that it was pesticide used for agricultural use.
Hill said that she also found a dead cat and two hedgehogs in the area.

“I can’t understand why someone would want to harm these animals,” Hill said.

An officer at the Avdimou police station, said that they went to Anogyra to investigate and they walked the path that the puppy had taken in the morning with its owner but found no evidence. They asked around the village and recorded the incident.

The officer said that in the case the poison was left deliberately, if a complaint was filed they would follow a different procedure.

“In such cases, there’s not much we can do since the puppy’s owner has no suspects. We are going to discuss it with the community leader of the village to ask the residents to be careful with pesticides and the use of such poisons,” he said.

A police press officer said that owners should also be careful when taking their dogs out for walks, especially in rural areas where pesticides are widely used in fields.

Hill had also claimed that her neighbour’s Alsatian was also sick, but vet Pieroua said that the dog had food poisoning symptoms, not toxic poisoning.

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