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SC draft resolution on UNFICYP contains no surprises

UNFICYP has been in Cyprus since 1964

The first draft of the Security Council Resolution for the renewal of the UNFICYP mandate presented by the UK, encourages the UN Secretary General “to appoint a permanent Special Advisor in the near future”.
The first draft of the resolution, set to be adopted by the Council on July 30, was distributed to the rest of the permanent members.
There are no surprises in the draft and there are only a few changes, compared to the previous SC Resolution, mostly due to the new developments since last January.
The Permanent Mission of Cyprus to UN is meeting with Council members in an effort to further improve the draft.
The improvements involve the Joint Declaration and the CBMs described by the draft only as military.
Regarding the encouragement to the SG to appoint a special advisor, diplomatic sources said, the British wouldn’t have included it unless Ban ki-Moon had already asked the opinion of some permanent members of the Council on possible candidates.
The changes in the draft text include:
– the Council welcomes the Joint Declaration adopted by the parties on 11 February 2014 which contains an agreed set of principles and parameters for a united Cyprus and expresses its support for the ongoing efforts of the leaders and negotiators to reach a comprehensive settlement as soon as possible.
– encourages the sides to intensify the substantive negotiations on the core issues, and stresses that the status quo is unsustainable.
– urges for a rapid agreement on facilitating recommencement of demining operations and clearance of the remaining minefields.
– the draft notes the need to intensify the Committee for Missing Persons’ work.
UNFICYP is one of the longest-running UN Peacekeeping missions. It was set up in 1964.

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