Cyprus Mail

Study into support of gas industry

LARNACA municipality has tasked Lloyd’s Register Energy with carrying out an independent study into the potential effects to the environment and public health from the operation of companies that provide support services to the natural gas and oil industry.

The terms of reference include an impact study regarding the environment, and health and safety, but also assessing the suitability of the port and the pros and cons of the project.

The preliminary study will be ready in two weeks with the final version expected in September.

The municipality said it fully understands and respects the concerns and reserves expressed by Larnaca residents, adding that health and safety, and the environment, as well as safeguarding the prospects of development, were clear priorities.

The government assured Larnaca residents that the energy companies will not be there forever, but locals worry about their health, and the town’s future as a tourist destination.

But a consortium set up to develop the project was hampered by lack of funding in the wake of the financial crisis.


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