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Legal services deluged with those unable to pay fines

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By Constantinos Psillides

AN AVERAGE of 80-100 people contact the legal services department on a daily basis το have arrest warrants for various debts temporarily rescinded, according to Deputy Attorney-general Rikkos Erotokritou, who was commenting on a story run by daily Simerini.

Speaking to CyBC, Erotokritou said that people are waiting every morning for the offices to open so they can hand in their requests.

The arrest warrants mainly cover unpaid bills, taxes, alimony payments and even unpaid parking tickets.

“These people can’t even afford milk or bread. They can’t afford to cope with electricity and water bills or making their monthly alimony payments so they come to us to reach a settlement, so they won’t end up in jail,” said Erotokritou, adding that some cannot even afford to pay a €35 parking ticket

The deputy attorney general remarked that the vast majority of those requests were completely justified, pointing out that all legal services can do is provide people with a second chance, either by arranging a minimum sum to be paid monthly or that if the case does end up in imprisonment to ensure the defendants receive reduced sentences.

Erotokritou said that legal services were far stricter when it came to alimony payments. Erotokritou clarified that in these cases the department ask defendants to settle on a payment plan that is satisfactory to all parties involved.

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