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Finally, a perfume named ‘Cyprus’

By Jean Christou

THE WORLD’S oldest perfumery was discovered in Cyprus at Pyrgos-Mavroraki near Limassol in 2005 by Italian archaeologists, so it seems only right the island should finally have a perfume named after itself.

It’s taken almost ten years but an enterprising American artisan company, The Motley has just launched a new cologne for men, called ‘Cyprus’.

Given that there was no Cypriot involvement in the venture, it might be a bit hard to imagine that the island would be the first thing that came to mind in naming a new product for a company based as far away as the west coast of the US.

Perhaps they were confusing us with Cypress in California? Apparently not. “It’s mainly the coastal forest idea that gave us the name Cyprus.

We were thinking of a place that has both dry fir trees and also saltwater,” The Motley founder Madison Ruggieri told the Sunday Mail.
“The island has both mountains and greenery but also the ocean all within a very small distance.

We imagined that those scents would be able to mingle and create a unique aroma to the island. The cypress tree (dry fir needles) was one of the notes that also made us think Cyprus,” she added.

Though Ruggieri has never actually visited Cyprus, she spent some time in Italy and other areas of the Mediterranean, and did her homework.

Details that emerged from the 4000-year-old perfumery found on the island in 2005, revealed 12 fragrances were used by the ancient Cypriots who distilled the perfumes.

These included pine and cedar, as well as cinnamon, laurel, myrtle, anise and bergamot.

“Cyprus brings to mind the crisp green scent of a coastal forest, the faint smell of saltwater mingling with woody conifers,” according to the blub on the cologne on the company’s website.

“To me it’s green trees, camping and hiking – almost like rubbing a tree branch on your arm,” Matt Ruggieri a founding partner with his sister, said during the launch of the cologne last week. “It’s what I’d want to be wearing on a train to upstate New York in the fall for Thanksgiving break.”

When asked at the launch what kind of man might wear the new scent, Madison Ruggieri added. “I think it’s a very appropriate scent for the young legal professional, crisp but not too much. Kind of like an Oxford shirt.”

The cologne is retailing $50 for a one-ounce splash-on and $105 for a two-ounce spray-on.

Sadly for the young Cypriot professional man, the cologne cannot be bought online or imported to Cyprus. It can only be purchased in the US.

“It’s not allowed by customs for the company to ship internationally because the cologne is alcohol-based,” said Emily Torrans, Senior Account Executive at Think PR, which handles The Motley’s public relations.

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