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Two men stabbed in Nicosia

Two men, aged 35 and 36 were attacked and stabbed several times after parking their car outside a Nicosia cafe on Monday afternoon.

Police received a call from the Nicosia general hospital, which reported the stabbings. The two victims told officers they had parked outside the cafe around 4pm and exited their car when another pulled up and hit the back of their vehicle injuring the 36-year-old on the ankle.

The two men from the second car then got out and one of them produced a pocket knife. The 36-year-old was stabbed twice. He had a 1.5cm-deep wound to the chest and another on his brow.  The 35-year-old had three deep wounds to the thigh, and a fractured right ankle.

The attackers were described as being in their thirties. One was said to be well-built around 1.8 metres tall with short black hair and a beard. The second attacker was of a smaller build with chestnut hair and was around 1.60m in height, police said.

Nicosia police is investigating the attack.


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