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‘Greek fruit being sold as Cypriot’

Fruit importers are shipping fruit from Greece and passing it off as Cypriot products, farmers’ unions claimed on Tuesday, demanding the government to step in and resolve the situation.

Representatives from the farmers unions PEK, EKA, Panagrotikos, Nea Agrotiki Kinisi and Evroagrotikos claimed the move by fruit market and supermarket owners is an illegal, unfair trade practice “that hurts Cypriot farmers and Cypriot consumers alike.”

“Fruit producers are in an uproar. It’s unacceptable that Cypriot markets are flooded with Greek products at a time when fruit from local producers are rotting in warehouses. If the government doesn’t heed our warnings, we will find a way to defend Cypriot farmers,” the farmers unions said.

Greek products are now sold at a very low price, due to the Russian trade embargo. A month ago Russia banned all food imports from EU countries, leading fruit and vegetable producers to despair since Russia is one of Greece’s major markets.

Cyprus was also hit by the embargo, since Russia is a €13.5m market. Around €10m regards citrus farmers.

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