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Larnaca also has plenty to offer

I am writing in response to a letter recently published in your newspaper entitled ‘Ensuring an interesting, productive retirement’.

I would like to point out that the Larnaca area also has a similar non-profit making organisation, namely U3A Larnaca, which currently has over 150 members.

U3A Larnaca currently have 30 groups which cater for a wide variety of activities and interests, which include : ancient civilizations, scrabble, music, pilates, mosaics, About Cyprus, geology, to name but a few.

We also invite speakers to come and give talks on subjects of local interest. Two main social events are held each year – one in the summer and the other at Christmas and most months, there is an epicurean meal where members try out the different cuisine of the local restaurants.

The Travel group is about to embark on a trip to Jordan, following a very successful and enjoyable visit to Malta last November.

Some of the groups meet weekly, some fortnightly and some just once a month and full details of all the forthcoming events are sent out at the end month to all members so that they can plan ahead. Very often, there is not enough space in the diary!

As the nights get darker and we head towards the autumn, why not try something new? If you would like to make new friends and try something different, please visit our website: which carries a copy of the latest newsletter and gives details of contacts, membership etc.

Jane Preston, Chairman, U3A Larnaca

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